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    Wake up, Sleepy Joe! Border crisis is escalating big-time!

    Well, Kamala hasn't been to Europe.
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    Fun YouTube channel

    Seamus and his team do great work.
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    Trump? Exactly. Look, Desantis still slaps down the media. But when he does he has the receipts to back it up. The problem is, like trump,.does he know 5000 people to appoint that aren't Uniparty lackys? Probably not.
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    Tweet of the day

    Trump didn't bhave park cleared. Shocker. Best tweet:
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    What the left fail to see
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    Trump-DeSantis 2024? President expresses willingness

    People I talk too around here would be all about Desantis. They are done with Trump. It's more about what he says and how he says it than policy, but it matters.
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    More covid shit

    Only advantage to that is the Feds picking up the tab for hospitals for patients who died. You know something is up when that happens
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    Fauci leaked emails

    What? No CLM? Covid lives matter
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    More covid shit

    Panicked about what? There was very little that the federal level anything could be done. Public health is at the pervue of the states. His biggest mistake was listening to beurocrats like Fauci which people still listen to today.
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    Fauci leaked emails

    Economy isn't crushed and the death rate no worse than other states. What more could anyone ask for? What is going on in Australia with a crushed economy? Fauci in all his emails made no solution on how to treat patients. Keep in mind the same Fauci who.was against antivirals during the early...
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    Fauci leaked emails

    Yes. Desantis.
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    Fauci leaked emails
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    Fauci leaked emails

    Anyone following this? 1. Leaked email in February 2020 from Fauci telling Sylvia Burwell that masks don't work. * Sidenote: politifact saying the criticism is false since mask consensus by "doctors and scientist" wasn't till april. This doesn't hold water since Fauci admitted that he knew...
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    Side tracked a bit here.

    I was on youtube and got sidetracked into watching an Australian news show from a few days ago in regards to Covid. The state of Victoria is in Lockdown again apparently. One would think they are seeing hundreds or thousands of new cases, right? Over 6.5 Million people in the state, most in...
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    Got brats and beer going!
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    Limbaugh's time slot I'm not sure who buck sexton is, but I've been following Clay Travis for a few years now for sports.
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    Opinion: All Trump needs to do is enter 2024 race, and GOP primaries are over

    No..I'd prefer Desantis and someone else. I think Trump will be a harder sell to moderates.
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    Opinion: All Trump needs to do is enter 2024 race, and GOP primaries are over

    I think Desantis would easily take the GOP nominee.