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    You got what you deserve A bunch of delusional Trump yahoo’s destroying America I sincerely hope that the national guard moves some tans in and starts shooting They should start with Trump
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    This is how democracy isn't supposed to work Were you there Greg?
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    The party line has changed

    Greg, et also, according to Senator Portman and others, “There is no proof of mass fraud...”. Portman, a republican, is one of a number of republicans who now say let the transition begin. So all y’all need to get back in step.
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    Trump now wants to launch a missile attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.
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    Under oath

    Have you noticed that trump”s lawyers, in court don’t use the word fraud? Why not? Because they are under oath and there are severe penalties for lawyers who lie under oath in court
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    Let’s see

    Biden elected Trump hiding in White House Stock market up over 1,100 points ........,,,,
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    Jesus Christ

    I’m not watching any particular news channel now, just checking in every hour or so. But Jesus Christ all they do is rehash the same shit. You migh think that they would give their talking heads a break and go off air now and again.
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    Counting chickens

    Someone here posted a couple of days ago that liberals need to learn not to count their chickens too soon Well, my chickens are doing just fine
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    The whole truth

    “Listen,, I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar and when I’m not kissing babies I’m stealing their lollipops .”
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    Reconcile this

    In states where Trump is leading but Biden is drawing closer the Trump supporters are chanting “stop the vote.” But where Biden leads but Trump seems to be drawing closer they chant, “count the vote.”
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    Trump train swarms Biden bus

    Another article of interest, google the title of this thread. How do you feel about a caravan of Trump supporters, in cars and trucks with Trump flags and signs surrounding a moving Biden campaign bus and trying to force it off the road? The FBI is investigating
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    From the Tampa Bay Times

    Tony Bobulinsky, Hunter Biden and China; a PolitiFact explainer is an article from the Tampa Bay Times that whole not what I read earlier might interest you . I can’t provide a link from my phone but you can easily find it
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    Are you sad now Greg?

    A plot to kidnap the governor and take over the state government here in Michigan has been foiled At least two members of a militia have been arrested. I wonder if Greg was one? Was it a “a well regulated militia?
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    Defund the police

    Do any of you know what that actually means? Almost always it means take some funding from police budget to fund people to take over jabs done previously by police that are more suited to mental health professionals and others . Things like wellness checks. Would you rather have police go see...
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    Something for Greg

    You may have run across this woman, but if you haven’t check out Beth Roars on you tube. She’s a vocal coach and plays songs from various singers and analyzes how they do what they do.
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    Lock her up

    If Trump really wanted Hillary locked up he would have hired her
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    I’m anti lift

    As a country we would be better off if we quit worrying about lifting you eyelashes, lifting your tits , lifting your butt ,
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    Question for Greg

    Bill medley or Bonn Hatfield? Who’s better
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    Just saw this

    Some major league player just quit today. Covid plus millions in bank I guess. I wonder how much of this we might see?
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    Jeopardy question

    On what calendar date did the twentieth century begin?