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  1. sevenpin63

    Holy shit

    Just found out I'm going to be a Grandfather, damn!! My son is finally going to be a father. Now I feel old.
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    What is this Looks like the pillow guy is starting his own platform.
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    Little old man

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    Elderly couple

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    Old age

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    SAR 9mm

    Just purchased a SAR 9m. Thoughts?? The reviews look good. This is my first gun purchase in a while.
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    I'm reading this great book about's called Frankenstein.
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    Whats something you cant smell until its broken????? Wind!!!!!!
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    How did the zombie lower his cholesterol?????? He changed his diet to strictly vegetarians.
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    Why does Hamlet take so long to pee.........he cant decide to pee or not to pee.
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    Why did the man become an Archaeologist............because his career was in ruins.
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    Im assuming you will be fair? Just because you agree with one and not the other.
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    Trump the bully is at it again

    In ironic twist, Trump call may constitute election fraud The recording of President Trump's astonishing call to Georgia's secretary of state has sparked widespread speculation that he may have committed multiple crimes. 'That’s a big risk to you' »
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    Looks like he's done, supreme court said not even going to hear it. Lets just hope he doesn't start a war.
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    Three Presidents

    Three Presidents all died at the same time, Bush, Obama and Trump. They all went up to heaven and God was waiting for each one. First it was Bush and God asked why do you believe you should be in heaven? I believe in equality, justice, religious freedoms. God said go ahead I will let you in...
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    Just turned blue, no ones head needs to explode. Lol
  19. sevenpin63

    The debate

    Anyone watch that shit sbow last night? My impression was like watching a senile old grandpa debate a 3 year old having a temper tantrum. What a joke that was.
  20. sevenpin63

    Welcome back

    So I hear our pal WAMO is back, glad to see this. Let's hope you dont get screwed again.