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  1. tony

    Upgrading software

    Hey guys. Ok, I'll be upgrading the server software. The site may be down for a few hours. Just hang tight and check back later. PEACE!
  2. tony

    Ball for Big Arc?

    I'm looking for ideas for a new bowling ball. In particular, I need a ball that doesn't skid/flip. I prefer an arc reaction. I can get creative with drilling layouts and even dull surface, but I'm looking for a ball that is designed for more control and predictability. Ideas?
  3. tony

    New logo and updated theme

    It took me long enough, but I finally hired a professional design shop to work on updating the allBowling logo. I think it's pretty awesome and still retains the aB brand. I like the colors, too. I've also had a shop tweak our theme a bit to match the colors. So let me know if something...
  4. tony

    Bill Lillard Sr. breaks pinfall record at Open Championships

    EL PASO, Texas - When United States Bowling Congress Hall of Famer Bill Lillard Sr. of Houston threw his first strike at the USBC Open Championshipsin 1948, a pinboy hurried to reset the pins, while a man on a platform above the lanes shuffled over to put an 'X' on the scoreboard next to...
  5. tony

    Dexter THE 9

    Dexter makes a great shoe. This one looks fantastic. More information here:
  6. tony

    Jensen edges into lead at 2015 Open Championships

    EL PASO, Texas - For the second consecutive year, Tyler Jensen of Fort Worth, Texas, was able to see his name at the top of the leaderboard at the United States Bowling Congress Open Championships after finding his way into the lead in Regular All-Events on Friday. The 31-year-old right-hander...
  7. tony

    Name that bowler

    An old photo on my hard drive, back when I was taking photos of regional match play. I'm not for certain who it is, but I have a guess.
  8. tony

    How to change your username

    By popular request, a feature has been added to allow users to change their own username. It's easy. First select on your username in the top-right corner of the page and click Personal Details. Then click on Change User Name in the left navigation. Please remember that user names are...
  9. tony

    Try out the updated Bowling Journals

    It's always been part of the DNA to deliver tools that can help bowlers with their game. The Bowling Journal module was updated during the system upgrade. Easily track your scores and average and share it with the community. You can view a few in the Journals forum. More features...
  10. tony

    Welcome to the new v9.0!

    I know it's been a long time coming and a bit of a bumpy ride getting to this point, but the new site is here. This is a completely new community software system, called XenForo. This system allows much more control of posts, members and news announcements. I know it is very different than the...
  11. tony Version 9.0

    Ok, this is a heads up. In the next week or two, the site will be taken down and switched over to a new system. I have been using the current system for about a year and it's been a disaster. I'll do my best to make sure all the users are migrated over, so you will still have your same...
  12. tony

    Body Modification

  13. tony

    Caption Contest Vote

    Ok, we have to do it the old school way. No polling feature so just reply with your first pick. I took some liberties with the captions suggested. The front of the shirt will have "Off Ramp" on it. The caption will go below it. Sample: Here are four choices: Shoe up, buttercup Don't...
  14. tony

    Caption Contest

    Ok gang. To show my appreciation for the new visitors, I'm going to print up some t-shirts. I'll try to give away as many as I can. But first, I'm looking for a caption for the shirt. Mild to wild. I need your ideas. Here's an example! So add your caption ideas here. I'll try to...
  15. tony

    Testing New Topic

    Testing 1, 2, 3.
  16. tony

    Sometimes you need to dry off *Work Warning*

    If there's a little moisture, just dry it off!
  17. tony

    Kate Upton in Zero Gravity?!

    I mean, whaaaaaatt?!!! How amazing is that? I must find the photos.
  18. tony

    Columbia 300 Crazy Antics

    Get Crazy Antics Today! One of the most colorful and eye catching balls on the market also has a crazy amount of performance built in and will work great on most medium volume conditions. AR 300 Flip Awesome Reaction 300 Flip is the perfect cover for length and a nice big move on the...
  19. tony

    Luci Bonneau Memorial Mixed Doubles 2014

    The Luci Doubles 2014 event has been added to the calendar. Luci Bonneau Memorial Striking Against Breast Cancer Mixed Doubles Tournament August 1-3, 2014 Palace Lanes - Houston, TX See official flyer attached. Spread the word and get your entry in early. This event fills up quick every...
  20. tony

    Journals Now Available

    Hello all! I've been working with a developer to bring the Journals back to This has taken much longer than I hoped but I wanted to get it as good as I can get. There are other features I'll be working on after the new year, but for now we have the basic features from the old...