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  1. Tigerbait007

    Keep draining the Swamp!

    Hey Trump, keep draining the swamp. Democracy sucks in this country. Too many agenda's, not enough results. Corrupt Politicians, out for themselves. Please send Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice and Barack Obama to jail. You can also throw in George W. Bush and his...
  2. Tigerbait007

    Why are only Republicans being investigated?

    All the Democrats are involved in shady things like Hillary Clinton. All these Libertarians are trying to deflect, from being in the spotlight of wrong doing. There agenda is to bring down the Republican's, by whatever means possible. Donald Trump stands up to these corrupt politicians. MAKE...
  3. Tigerbait007

    All bowling site

    I like this site but not a lot of members. Congrats to Liz, on her Storm win!
  4. Tigerbait007

    Dog days of bowling

    I take the summer off from league play. Yet after a month, I miss it. It reminds me of football, in the off season. You can't wait till it starts again.
  5. Tigerbait007

    Just TRY not to laugh at this!

    You have balls, just to get up there and sing. It wasn't that bad! Kudos
  6. Tigerbait007

    Classified 28 pages of 911 are coming out next week

    I am dying to see what our government , who was part of 911 has lied about. I think the Bush's, Dick Cheney and the Clinton's, should all be prosecuted. Why no one has assassinated George Bush for War crimes is beyond me. All politicians are corrupt.
  7. Tigerbait007

    Mental game

    When playing in a league, on a team and your playing very well, yet your teammates can't put a mark, on the scoreboard, frustration starts to set in, for me anyway. How do you handle it?Somebody, please give me some advice! I hate losing and I take the game seriously.
  8. Tigerbait007

    Georgie's Gun

    Zimmerman has balls! I thought he was innocent during trial but I definitely believe he may have been guilty after the verdict. Zimmerman does some weird shit!!!! It kinda questions his mind set
  9. Tigerbait007

    Poor losers?

    The Elite in this country are intimidated that Trump has the Amercian trust in doing the right, then a party's agenda
  10. Tigerbait007

    Poor losers?

    We finally have someone in Trump who is not intimidated, to tell the American people the truth. The Government sucks.
  11. Tigerbait007

    What additional features are you working on for this site?

    What additional features are you working on for this site?
  12. Tigerbait007

    Dallas Strikers

    Let's give it up, to the Dallas Strikers and Norm Duke for bowling a 300 game. Bring on arrogant Pete Weber for the Elias Cup!!!!!
  13. Tigerbait007

    New Orleans Saints draft

    The Bucs even traded up to get a kicker
  14. Tigerbait007

    Why hasn't Hillary Clinton been indicted?

    The Bush`s and the Clinton's are all criminals. Why hasn't Hillary been indicted yet? The government can't be trusted. All they do is lie to you.
  15. Tigerbait007

    New Orleans Saints draft

    I like what the saints have done in the draft but we need a starting guard and another cornerback, on day 3.
  16. Tigerbait007

    In league play

    I play in a 36 week league. It is broken down in to 18 weeks per half. The first half the oil was really lite but now the oil is really heavy. Can the house change the thickness of the oil on the lanes?
  17. Tigerbait007

    Elias Cup

    What team will win the Elias Cup?
  18. Tigerbait007

    Thanks! You got mean avatar

    Thanks! You got mean avatar
  19. Tigerbait007

    RIP Will Smith

    It's sad to have to go out that way, with your whole life in front of you. Shot 8 times, uncalled for.