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  1. Maine Man

    Track Kinetic Black Ice: Available 4-29-2022!!!

    Here’s a couple of quick hitters with the upcoming release from Track, the Kinetic Black Ice! The Quick Response cover, matched with the lower diff Shuttle core, bridge the gap between the world of symmetrics and asymmetrics perfectly for me. I was able to shoot 746 my first three game set with...
  2. Maine Man

    Ebonite GB4 Pearl review with YouTube video link!

    The Ebonite GB4 Pearl gives me a benchmark symmetric pearl that fits perfectly between other symmetric pearl balls like the Hammer Raw Pearl (weaker ball) and the Radical Bigfoot (bigger ball). Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation...
  3. Maine Man

    Hammer 3D Offset, the legend returns!!!

    Here is my shot, quick hitter of the Hammer 3D Offset! I drilled this one 60 x 3.5" x 60 to give me a longer transition from skid to hook to roll, retain some tilt for better down-lane motion, getting through the pins consistently, and that is exactly what I got. This is my go-to pearl...
  4. Maine Man

    Radical Bigfoot Review!

    Radical Bigfoot Review Stats: Speed – 17.0; RPM – 335; AT – 19; AR – 55 Layout: 5” x 40 The Bigfoot is an updated version of the popular Squatch line, with significant changes to the technology that will improve and enhance the Bigfoot to a whole new level! I drilled my Bigfoot to get...
  5. Maine Man

    Radical Conspiracy Scheme Review

    Radical Conspiracy Scheme Review Stats: Speed – 17.0; RPM – 335; AT – 19; AR – 55 Layout: 45 x 5” x 40 Radical’s newest Top Shelf launch, The Conspiracy Scheme, is a newly engineered version of the original Conspiracy solid featuring several improvements that should surely get lots of...
  6. Maine Man

    Radical Double Cross Review!

    Radical Double Cross Review I drilled the Radical Double Cross to be a bigger flaring, more down-lane urethane compliment to my Hammer Purple Pearl, and that is exactly what I got. The Double Cross is drilled 4 ¼” x 30 and flares twice as much as any other urethane ball I have ever used...
  7. Maine Man

    Hammer Black Widow Ghost: Written review, with video!!!

    I drilled the Black Widow Ghost 70 x 4.5" x 35 to be a strong rolling, yet snappy asym pearl, and that's exactly what I got. On my leagues 41 foot sport shot, it clears the heads, picks up the mid-lane just enough, and explodes on the back, with super continuation. On the typical house shot...
  8. Maine Man

    Radical Informer review!

    Radical Informer Layout: 45 x 4.5” x 70 Surface: Box finish I have thrown the Radical Informer on (3) different oil patterns and really like the motion it gives me for a strong, asymmetrical solid. This ball has an updated Incognito core, and enhanced TS-1 additive to the cover for more...
  9. Maine Man

    Radical Maximum Results Review (with video links)

    Radical Maximum Results Review I drilled the Radical Maximum Results to be a replacement for the legendary Radical Conspiracy, and it fits perfectly! Drilled 60 x 3.5” x 70, this ball handles heavier volumes of oil while giving you aggressive mid-lane read and traction to get through the pins...
  10. Maine Man

    Ebonite GB4, building off a legendary nameplate!!

    Ebonite GB4 Review I drilled the Ebonite GB4 to be the big symmetric ball in my bag when other symmetrics aren’t enough through the mids, but I still wanted more length than my asymmetrics. By laying it out 3.75” x 35, I got the “flip and grip” I was looking for with tremendous performance...
  11. Maine Man

    Radical Pandemonium Solid Review

    Radical Pandemonium Solid Review I drilled the Pandemonium Solid 3.5” x 55 to have a strong rolling solid symmetric that would flare up and hook, even in large amounts of oil. This ball does not disappoint. It is the third most hooking ball in my arsenal, behind only the Radical Results Solid...
  12. Maine Man

    Excellent Job!

    Greg, will do, I love the circus! Haha!
  13. Maine Man

    Radical Bonus Pearl Review

    Radical Bonus Pearl Review I drilled the Radical Bonus Pearl to be a stronger, quicker symmetric ball than the original Bonus Solid. Where the Bonus Solid is super smooth and continuous, the Bonus Pearl is like the solid on steroids! I laid out the Bonus Pearl 3.5” x 30* to give me what I...
  14. Maine Man

    Radical Incognito Pearl Review

    Radical Incognito Pearl Review: I drilled the Radical Incognito Pearl to be a stronger compliment to the original Incognito Solid. This ball delivers! I laid it out 20* x 4.5” x 30* to give me mid-lane read and tremendous pop off the back of the oil pattern. The Incognito Pearl is exceptional...
  15. Maine Man

    Excellent Job!

    Thank you, I really appreciate the feedback. I hope you find them informative and helpful with your next purchase. I am always available to help!
  16. Maine Man

    Radical Results+: Get more from your pearls!!

    Radical Results+ 30 x 4” x 30 I drilled the Radical Results+ to be my benchmark pearl asymmetric, the compliment to the benchmark asymmetric Incognito, and it fits that bill perfectly. The TP-1 textured pearl coverstock really grips the oil pattern well, moving the break point further inside...
  17. Maine Man

    Radical Incognito: THE benchmark asymmetric!!

    Radical Incognito 30 x 4.75” x 30 I drilled the Radical Incognito to be my benchmark asymmetric ball, and it did not disappoint! It has arguably the cleanest solid cover I have ever thrown in an asymmetric ball, and finishes strong and clean through the pins. I have used it on two different...
  18. Maine Man

    Ebonite Aero: Hook in a box!

    I needed a heavy oil, aggressive, asymmetric that would give me shape no matter how heavy the pattern, and the Ebonite Aero does just that! I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, and I drilled my Aero 70 x 4" x 55 to roll earlier and heavy through the mid-lane, while having...
  19. Maine Man

    Radical Bonus: Intel on steroids!

    I drilled the Radical Bonus to be my benchmark symmetric replacement for the Intel, and this ball really impresses me! My Bonus is about 2-3 boards stronger than the Intel, and 1-2 extra feet of length at box. I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, so I wanted my benchmark...
  20. Maine Man

    Radical Zing! Pearl: Your benchmark asymmetric pearl!

    I drilled the Zing! Pearl to be my benchmark pearl asymmetric ball, and it delivers big time! I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, so I needed something clean through the fronts, but would really motor on the back part of the lane. I drilled the Zing! Pearl 45 x 4.5" x 35...