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  1. 9andaWiggle

    One would think...

  2. 9andaWiggle

    Since the 70's are back...

    Does that mean we can expect some decent new music for a change? :cool:
  3. 9andaWiggle

    I'M BACK!

    HA, HA! You bitches thought you'd gotten rid of me! It's not that easy! :p:Roflmao: Thanks Greg, appreciate the help getting back in! :Thumbsup::cool:
  4. 9andaWiggle

    We The People

  5. 9andaWiggle

    Made in the USA!

  6. 9andaWiggle

    I Love Joe Biden!

    He truly has spared me from the angst of wondering what to do with all my extra cash. Now I don't have to worry about that anymore - I simply pay more for everything and now all the leftover cash is gone! We truly are blessed to have such a wonderful administration taking care of all our...
  7. 9andaWiggle

    Gender reveals are stupid

    The baby hasn't even been born yet. How can anyone possibly know what it has decided to be?
  8. 9andaWiggle

    This scumbag should be sentenced to death...

    By a firing squad using flame-throwers. :mad: I would include the 2 dirtbags that tried to cover it up for him too. Arrest made in deputy ambush Here's a pic of the officer's patrol vehicle.
  9. 9andaWiggle

    RIP Meat Loaf

    Saw him live in KC around '96. Hell of a performer. RIP Meat Loaf dead at 74
  10. 9andaWiggle

    What if...

    The Rona vaccine makes us fight when organ music is played, as in the movie "Strange Brew" where evil Brewmeister Smith plans to take over the world by putting a mind control drug in Elsinore beer? :Roflmao:
  11. 9andaWiggle

    Learned a lesson today

  12. 9andaWiggle

    Respect for In N Out!

    Gonna have to go buy a burger now. In N Out refuses government directive to discriminate and divide
  13. 9andaWiggle

    As bad as it is, it could be worse...

    Just be thankful our sitting President is only supplying our enemies with weapons and courage (giving them what they perceive as a Victory against the US). I mean, we could still have that horrible Trump saying mean things on Twitter!