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  1. 9andaWiggle

    It's my birthday

    BUMP! :cool:
  2. 9andaWiggle

    Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday AW!
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    Coming after you

    It's simple to escape the additional scrutiny; simply do as a good citizen should - register and vote Democrat. This will look very good on your record when the IRS audits you. Wink wink, nudge nudge.
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    The Y

    I have no words. :mad:
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    'No one should get boosted': Berenson urges 'dangerous' COVID shots be withdrawn

    I know someone who works in a nursing home. He said 3 weeks ago the residents all got boosters. This week, 6 of them have covid. At a larger facility owned by the same company, they also got the booster 3 weeks ago, and this week have 20 with covid. How could that possibly be? :rolleyes:
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    It's my birthday

    Any wine snobs? :cool:
  7. 9andaWiggle

    It's my birthday

    I forgot the beer! I hope you guys can find it in your hearts to forgive me! :Roflmao:
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    Desantis is a boss

    Fuckin' A! Judges need to be impartial or kicked the fuck out!
  9. 9andaWiggle

    Why in the gods green earth

    Because it takes 16 hours to actually count the votes, another 16 to figure out how many are needed for the chosen candidate to win and have extra ballots created, and another 16 hours to recount all the ballots after the newly created ones are added to the mix.
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    That opening statement!

    I'm sure it is... for him and his son!
  11. 9andaWiggle

    That opening statement!

    LMAO! Telling it like it is!
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    Who best deserves the title of bowling's "Mr. 900"?

    That was Djarum. I've never believed any of the Mushtare 900's were legit - IMO they were trying to game the system for the award and somehow succeeded. Didn't he have a 3rd one? If I remember, the first one was rejected. So they had the 2nd 900 (the pre-bowl in which his buddy with a low...
  13. 9andaWiggle

    Who best deserves the title of bowling's "Mr. 900"?

    Gotta be Allison. Sonnenfeld a close 2nd.
  14. 9andaWiggle

    Can someone explain to me...

    Why we're offerimg to give Russia back an arms dealer in exchange for a basketball player and a disgraced ex-marine? Understand, I don't know much about Mr. Whelan outside of a recent wiki I read. That particar piece did not paint a nice picture of him, so I'm not sure if he really is deserving...
  15. 9andaWiggle

    Study: Vaxxed COVID-19 patients are contagious longer than unvaccinated

    Looks to me like it's the vaccinated who need to be tested and quarantined before travel!
  16. 9andaWiggle

    Good job Joey

    You just don't understand the logic, Greg. You see, if we send all the jobs to Mexico, the Central and South American people will stop coming here for work. The border crisis will be solved!
  17. 9andaWiggle

    A Slap on the Wrist?

    Munson will be facing 2 counts of vehicular homicide while Bewley will be thanked for her cooperation with authorities.