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  1. Strider

    Oh, no! It's going to turn 'cold' tonight (but only "Florida-style)!

    Got below freezing last night for the first time this season in NC (just to stay on topic for whatever that's worth). Thanks Greg for the email. Everything has been fine on my end. Don't spend much time on forums (except for one A/V forum) anymore. Sorry to say, but I completely forgot about...
  2. Strider

    Fantasy Football team owner needed

    I need someone to take over for a team in my league. One of the owners threw a shit fit and dropped all of his un droppable players. I removed him as an owner and put all the players back on the team. Obviously you wouldn't get to draft your own team, but it's not a bad team or anything...
  3. Strider

    Prostitution and Global Warming

    Looks like a late nominee for douche bag of the week.
  4. Strider

    Russian Dash Cams

    1. Tightening lug nuts must be beyond their grasp. 2. No matter the peril - apparently for some the answer is to accelerate and change lanes and hope to swerve around the danger!
  5. Strider

    Iron Maiden fans?

    Saw them in concert last year with Megadeth (last time since Somewhere in Time). The quality was there, but he can't belt it out anymore. I didn't mind Paul Di'anno, but when I think of Maiden, I think Dickenson.
  6. Strider


    Went to a Hooters in Duesseldorf a few years ago when I went over for work and I wanted to watch the Steelers play. The girls were so much hotter than any I've seen in the US. Creeper story - my neighbor's daughter (whom I watched grow up) started working at Hooters when she started in college...
  7. Strider


    Political Correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical, Marxist (Politically Correctly called liberal) minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
  8. Strider


    I nominate Monster Pike for trying to make us look bad on BR once again by presenting his version on what went down as fact. What a bitch!
  9. Strider

    Ultimate Lottery - One Way Ticket To Mars

    If it were me and three of the girls from mammary Monday..... who cares?????
  10. Strider


    Not as bad as some, but we're getting our first snow today. Sleeting now, should be fun by morning. Supposed to get down to 2 degrees tomorrow night. Came home today and the downstairs unit on my 1 year old heat pump was completely down - no power to the unit or thermostat. Unfortunately my...
  11. Strider

    This place is a SAUSAGE-FEST :(

    What do you tell a woman with 2 black eyes? Nothing. You already told her twice! Maybe that will help????
  12. Strider

    BC News Anchor Brian Williams Comes Clean

    I'll have what he's having!
  13. Strider

    Happy Fry-Day

    I recommend born 1 for saying moderation and good in the same sentence! :)
  14. Strider

    Caption Contest Vote

    1st choice #3 2nd choice #1
  15. Strider

    Hump Day

    I got home a little while ago and don't know what's going on. If anyone can tell me what was posted, or possibly has a screenshot or anything, please let me know.
  16. Strider

    Go Pats

    What worst call? The one the coach made to throw the ball? When I think of fix, I think of refs blowing a call. There were a few bad calls as always, but nothing to cry about.
  17. Strider

    Caption Contest

    Allbowling - For the people, by the people.
  18. Strider

    IT'S OFFICIAL! Our first DBOTW is...

    I didn't see it either, but there aren't a lot of rules here and I saw that Bill had three posts removed by the moderator. Must have been pretty bad.
  19. Strider

    IT'S OFFICIAL! Our first DBOTW is...

    Damn Bill, for a guy who seems to be passionate about bowling, you sure seem to have a negative effect on bowling forums!
  20. Strider

    Super Bowl Pic

    I really don't care for either team, but I dislike the Seahawks more. But if I were laying money, it would be on Seattle. Don't give a crap about the commercials. Just like the extended pre game shows, they get more and more over hyped every year.