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    It Is A Valid Point

    Stopped at a rest / text area, here in NY, today. Walked in to see the choices Men, Women & Unisex. Made me wonder how GTGT was doing..
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    Carrie Fisher's Mother, Debbie Reynolds, Hospitalized. Update: Passes Away

    I saw this too. Very sad. But at least episode 8 has already been shot.
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    Rockettes Uneasy About Performing For Inauguration

    I would be uneasy too. Uneasy of underperforming for DJT.
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    Racoons and Porch Monkies out of control...

    I saw the title and thought the thread was about a rogue band of animals getting into jls' garbage cans at night - not humans.
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    Trump Fact Check

    GTGT #feelthejohnson
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    Ghost In Deadly Crash Photo?

    Hard to say. A second pic would have been a good control to compare.
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    Republican Platform

    And you can use any potty you want. Life is good.
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    Nice France

    Religion of peace, Islam, strikes again. Early count is 73 dead. When will mass Islamic refugee immigration and strict gun control be recognized as a bad combination?
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    Never-Trump GOP's New Plan

    The Rep. party has become a regional party. Just like how Europe has changed, so shall we.
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    What do you drive, and do you like it?

    Mazda CX-7 (black) and a Nissan Quest to haul the younglings.
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    THE Gretchen files suit against Fox News?

    A lot of female anchors are coming out against her story. Plus some of her stories aren't panning out.
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    Daily Caller Confession....

    Taser makes those body cameras.
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    Facts indicate that Hillary Clinton is guilty of felonies

    Meanwhile, AG Lynch is telling BLM to not be discouraged. Laws are sometimes worth the paper they are printed on.
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    Couldn't slip the drone in I suppose.
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    What? When did you lose faith in the dems?
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    Buy stock in Smith & Wesson and Taser. I bought weeks ago in anticipation of the Bernie Bros. wetting their pants at the DNC and of course the guaranteed drama at the RNC. Both moves have paid off handsomely already.
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    Thoughts and prayers to the victims. I was watching live coverage, on Megyn Kelly, when the first cops were shot. Very sad but not unexpected. Just last night, in Rochester NY, 70 were arrested for fucking with police.
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    Heavy Boobs

    A long ways from the Andy Griffith Show. Lolz
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    Imogen and Tats..

    She might want to try sunlight first. :Thumbsup: