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    Mini-editorial: Stock-market swings aren't all about the coronavirus

    No. It's called the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act passed in 2012. People who get Top Secret Intelligence briefings and then trade on that info not available to the public should go to prison, period. It's a non-partisan issue.
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    Ryan Newman hurt in Daytona crash

    ^^^^ I remember as well. Thank goodness Newman is alive, hope he makes as good a recovery as possible. I tried to explain to my wife that "feeling" in the air when Dale (who was my Dad's dude!)'s so difficult to explain. As they went off the air I sort of felt that vibe again...
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    I've come around on Trump......

    I believe the president, and in the president. I believe the Senate is right to acquit the president. I believe a fair trial is one with no witnesses, and that the trial was therefore fair. I believe the House was unfair because it found evidence against him. I believe that if the president...
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    I heard from Greg saying some peeps were asking about me. Just wanted to say hey to everyone. All is well in my camp, just working/bowling/raising a little one. Hope all is well with everyone here. :)
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    My Farwell

    Peace and be well!
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    My Farwell

    OK guys, well I'll be up's my time to step-out. I no longer wish to participate in the "discussions"/"debates" here anymore. I've seen a lot of things that simply are unacceptable to me and quite frankly lack civility, which I see as a major problem fueling division in our...
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    Mini-editorial: Our immigration laws must be enforced and obeyed

    Exactly. That whole "trail of tears" thing was a hoax, we were so nice to many many wonderful tribes There were also a TON of nice slave owners......stupid to abolish the whole institution. I mean, after all, we ARE a pro-property country.
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    So could we have had another Zimmerman

    At-will employment though.....
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    Happy Birthday to Gary Puckett!

    Is he related to Kirby? ;)
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    I need a cig after that......
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    Ford today announced "massive layoffs" due to over 1 billion in losses because of tariffs. :eek: "The impact of these tariffs on the U.S. auto industry and inconsistencies in the process are too glaring to ignore. "The metals tariffs took about $1 billion in profit from us—and the irony is we...
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    Today I do my part

    Well played.........I'll give you that one. No one can accuse me of not giving credit where it's due.
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    Today I do my part

    You guys both went straight ticket, right?
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    Listen, I'm not at all against hunting.......a lot of friends of mine hunt deer (and I understand the arguments about them being overpopulated) for the food and I have no issue with this. My argument is simply, if you kill something for the fun of simply killing something this...
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    Cull the herd of an animal that is almost endangered? Regardless, I'm not going to fight you guys on this one.
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    Scolai - How ya doin' (RE; Florence)

    ^^ I'm not much of a bourbon guy but no vodka or Captain is a legit problem.....
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    For that those with firearms

    Depends, I've seen it fire off like a fully auto..... ;)