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  1. AlwaysWrite

    Dickey Betts is gone.

    RIP ... and because Betts is from our immediate area, the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune had massive coverage on Betts' death, including a front-page story that jumped to two inside pages, accompanied by photos.
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    Happy Birthday to Johnny Tillotson!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Johnny Tillotson, born in Palatka, Fla., 86 years ago (on April 20, 1938). He was on radio as early as age 9, and as a recording artist, he charted 14 Billboard Top 40s, the first of which was "Poetry In Motion" (a No. 2 hit in 1960) ...
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    Beating a dead COVID Horse

    ... and guaranteed if verified by WAPO, NYT, CNN and MSNBC!
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    Happy Birthday to Mark Volman (of The Turtles)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mark Volman, born 77 years ago (on April 19, 1947) in Los Angeles. He was a founding member of The Turtles, and here, on the front left, he sings co-lead with Howard Kaylan on "You Showed Me" from 1969 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Alan Price (of The Animals)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alan Price, born in County Durham, England, 82 years ago today (April 19, 1942). He was keyboardist for The Animals, a group originally known as The Alan Price Combo. His great organ playing is a key part of the group's biggest hit ("House Of The Rising Sun") in 1964 ...
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    Beating a dead COVID Horse

    The COVID blame game seldom addresses the pertinent issues!
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    Happy Birthday to Hayley Mills!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Hayley Mills, born in London 78 years ago (on April 18 1946). The songstress-actress was the daughter of actor John Mills, and as a vocalist, her biggest hit was "Let's Get Together" from the 1961 film "Parent Trap" ...
  8. AlwaysWrite

    Russia fuels Iran's arsenal: Iran threatens Israel with 'never used before' weapons

    Iran is reportedly amassing a formidable arsenal from Russia, including anti-aircraft launchers and fighter jets, and has issued a chilling warning of a "severe, extensive and painful response" to even the "slightest action" by Israel...
  9. AlwaysWrite

    Happy Birthday to Bobby Vinton!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bobby Vinton, born in Canonsburg, Pa., 89 years ago today (April 16). The son of a bandleader, he charted 31 Billboard Top 40 hits, including four chart-toppers, and one of them was "Blue Velvet" in 1963 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Al Green!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Al Green, born Albert Leornes Greene in Forrest City, Ark., 78 years ago (on April 13, 1946). The soul singer-songwriter began as a gospel vocalist with a family group, The Greene Brothers, and he relocated to Grand Rapids, Mich., in 1959. He charted 14 Billboard Top 40...
  11. AlwaysWrite

    Happy Birthday to John Kay (of Steppenwolf)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to John Kay, born Joachim Fritz Krauledat in Tilsit, East Germany, 80 years ago (on April 12, 1944). He was a German-Canadian singer and rock guitarist, and he was the frontman of the Los Angeles quintet Steppenwolf. Here, the band performs their big 1969 hit, "Magic Carpet Ride" ...
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    Happy Birthday to Julian Lennon!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julian Lennon, born Charles Julian Lennon 61 years ago today (April 8th) in Liverpool, England. The son of Cynthia and John Lennon, he was the first child born to any of The Beatles. His own singing career contains such hits as "Too Late For Goodbyes" in early 1985 ...
  13. AlwaysWrite

    The BIDEN IS A FAILURE thread

    Democrats naively believe anti-Trump sentiment alone can secure win The Democratic Party appears to have misplaced a fundamental political skill: soliciting votes from those who are not already committed supporters. This is a rudimentary aspect of politics, yet President Joe Biden seems to...
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    Does Ukraine's NATO entry mean terrifying spiral toward nuclear conflict with Russia?

    In a recent development, Secretary of State Tony Blinken has announced Ukraine's imminent entry into NATO. This move is not without controversy, as Ukraine is widely recognized as Europe's most corrupt nation, with a reputation for authoritarian rule and a lack of democratic principles. The...
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    Happy Birthday to Julie Rogers!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Julie Rogers, born Julie Rolls in London 81 years ago (on April 6, 1943). Although she was a popular vocalist in the UK, she's considered a one-hit wonder in America with her 1964 rendition of "The Wedding" ...
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    Happy Birthday to Allan Clarke (of The Hollies)!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Allan Clarke, born Harold Allan Clarke in Salford, England, 82 years ago (on April 5, 1942). He was a founder and original lead singer of The Hollies, who charted a dozen Top 40 hits in the U.S., and here, from late 1965, they perform the first of them, "Look Through Any...
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    Conservative vs. Liberal logic

    Ain't that the truth?
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    Happy Birthday to Tony Orlando!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tony Orlando, born Anthony Orlando Cassavitas in New York City 80 years ago today (April 3). He began a solo career in 1961, and he became lead singer of Dawn in 1970, and here Dawn performs their chart-topping "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree" from 1973 ...
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    Happy Birthday to Wayne Newton!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wayne Newton, born 82 years ago today (April 3) in Roanoke, Va. The vocalist/multi-instrumentalist began his singing career as a regular on The Jackie Gleason Show in 1962, and he has been a headline entertainer in Las Vegas for many years. Here, he performs one of his biggest...
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