1. Maine Man

    Ebonite Emerge, a new era in Ebonite performance!

    The Emerge from Ebonite ushers in a new era of asymmetrical performance. The Emerge features the HK22-Optimize Pearl cover, and a new weight block that puts the emphasis on length with a strong backend reaction. Ebonite hit a homerun with The One Remix, and the Emerge gives bowlers that perfect...
  2. Maine Man

    The One Remix: The ball that does it all!!

    I was excited to see how The One Remix performed, especially after being such a big fan of the original The One. A lower RG ball, with a huge Diff and Int. Diff, combined with the Gb14.4 solid cover, you would think it would be an early rolling flare monster, but when I drilled it and threw it...
  3. Maine Man

    Ebonite GB4 Pearl review with YouTube video link!

    The Ebonite GB4 Pearl gives me a benchmark symmetric pearl that fits perfectly between other symmetric pearl balls like the Hammer Raw Pearl (weaker ball) and the Radical Bigfoot (bigger ball). Compared to the GB4 Solid, you can expect a much cleaner ball motion with excellent continuation...
  4. Maine Man

    Ebonite GB4, building off a legendary nameplate!!

    Ebonite GB4 Review I drilled the Ebonite GB4 to be the big symmetric ball in my bag when other symmetrics aren’t enough through the mids, but I still wanted more length than my asymmetrics. By laying it out 3.75” x 35, I got the “flip and grip” I was looking for with tremendous performance...
  5. Maine Man

    Ebonite Aero: Hook in a box!

    I needed a heavy oil, aggressive, asymmetric that would give me shape no matter how heavy the pattern, and the Ebonite Aero does just that! I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, and I drilled my Aero 70 x 4" x 55 to roll earlier and heavy through the mid-lane, while having...