78D means domination!!!

Maine Man

I drilled the much-anticipated Hammer 78D Black Pearl urethane to be a little weaker version of the legendary Purple Pearl Urethane. I put my favorite urethane layout on this one, 4” x 25 to get a true baseline read of what this ball does. I use my urethane exclusively on sport shots, and this one really shines when you want to play straighter, or close to the gutter. The 78D Black Pearl urethane is about 1-2 feet longer than the Purple Pearl urethane, and 3-4 boards less. The shape is a little more angular, or at least as angular as urethane can be, which is still way less than resin alternatives. I have used the 78D Black Pearl on Cheetah 35’, Alcatraz 38’, and Aalborg 35'. I have found that when they are fresh this ball shines, I put it down to 360 grit and it rolls and picks up fantastically. The cover takes to surface changes well, as I have used it from 360 up to 2000 with no issues at all. As the lanes transition and this ball doesn’t see enough friction through the mid-lane to carry like it has been doing so well, that is when I switch to my Purple Pearl urethane, move 2-3 in with my feet, and use that extra angle to get the corner pins out with the stronger ball. The 78D Black Pearl urethane is the PERFECT compliment to the Purple Pearl urethane, and if you bowl a lot of sport patterns like I do, it is well worth having this one in your bag. Order your 78D Black Pearl urethane now from Bowler Builders Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere! Nothing hits like a Hammer!