A little misunderstanding


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An Irish girl had left home, and hadn’t been heard from for seven years. She returned, without any notice one evening.

“And where have ye been?” her father roared at her. “Yer poor mither has been worrying herself sick, and never even a card from ye!”

”Oh da,”she tearfully said, “I was too embarrassed; I’ve become a prostitute.”

”What?” he yelled, “Ye’ll bring shame upon yer whole family! Be off with ye, then!” he exclaimed.

”First, may I give the fur coat, and title deed to the house I bought for me mother to her?” she asked. “I’ve got a twenty thousand Rolex watch for me brother, also, and a shiny new black Mercedes automobile fer yerself.”

”How have you got all that, lass?” the stunned father asked.

”I told ye, da, I’m a prostitute.” she reminded him.

”Oh, saints preserve us all!” he said, “Come on in, and be welcome! I misheard ye; I thought ye’d said ye had become a Protestant!”