Any bacon makers?

A year or so ago, I started curing my own bacon. It difficult to eat store bought bacon now. It's easy, a fun project, and cheaper than store bought bacon.
I have a friend that owns a large sausage and bacon company and he sells me pork belly at his cost.


I rarely see whole fresh bacon/ belly here.

Do you cure it with pink salt? Smoke it?
I rarely see it here as well. Some people say they find it as Cosco. I found some in an Asian market in Tulsa, but it wasn't cheap.
I have been using pink curing salt. There are a lot of YouTube videos of how to cure it. I smoke mine with light apple wood.


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I've always stayed away from the curing stuff.

I smoke uncured sausages all the time, but it's not quite as a slow cold smoke you can do with cured sausages. I'd like to just smoke some belly without curing and see how that goes.