Any of you guys ever have this happen?


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Last night I dreamed that my wife had loaned our new 4Runner out to some stranger who was using it to move into our neighborhood. The guy jacknifed a utility trailer into the back corner. I was livid... going completely off on everyone (in the dream).

Then I woke up... and I was STILL mad as hell! Even after I realized it was a dream, it took me a while to calm down and get back to sleep. Man, I don't remember being that pissed off in a long time. Totally irrational, but I still felt mad at my wife for a minute or two after waking, even though I had already determined it was a dream and she did none of those things.

And no, I'm not repressing any anger towards her - she hasn't done anything to aggravate me for quite a while. Just odd, almost surreal how I felt during that. Weird.

Ever have something like that happen to you?
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Plenty of times my old lady woke up pissed at me because of something I supposedly did in her dreams.
I used to tell her, "aren't you glad I didn't really do that?" Didn't work, she'd still be pissed at me...
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Greg T.

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Shit, I get punched in the neck on a regular basis in the middle of the night.
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I think the SUV is a metaphor for another matter or concern you may have. Bill's in the mail for that analysis.
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