Arizona currently hosting the BIGGEST SUPER BOWL in history!


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It's the PATRIOTS vs. the STEALERS!

... and guess which team will accomplish a massive come-from-behind victory!


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So how is Kari Lake losing this thing? I mean, it was going to be tight but what?
Dear Djarum300:

Kari Lake has now been declared the LOSER! But in this era of American politics, the result shouldn't be surprising.

Arizona's political movers-and-shakers ABSOLUTELY HAD to make certain that she wasn't elected.

Lake promised that on Day 1 of her governorship, she would begin delving into political corruption in Arizona.

Even though it took a full week after the voting, you should know that things would go Katie Hobbs' way.

After all, Hobbs, as Arizona's Secretary of State, was overseeing the entire election process. You don't think she was going to allow herself to lose, do you?

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I think the citizens of AZ have a case for a revote on Dec 6th.