AW editorial: 'Checks and balances' must be included in midterm agenda


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There are many issues that Republicans can campaign on as midterm elections approach. But in addition to such things as crime, inflation, and the border crisis, the GOP should include a "checks and balances" theme to its campaign checklist.

Republicans need to remind voters that many things have gotten totally out of hand with Democrats maintaining control of the White House and both houses of Congress.

It should be obvious what such socialist-minded total Democrat control has caused with such far-leftists as AOC and Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren becoming, in essence, the tail wagging the Democratic dog. Joe Biden was considered a moderate when running for election, but he and his administration have continued to kowtow to the radical progressive left with numerous negative results.

The Democrats took a non-inflationary boom and turned it into a high-inflation bust, and they opened the southern border to sex and fentanyl trafficking, lawlessness and destruction of border towns. They have attempted to rewrite history by often turning a blind eye to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. And they also support soft-on-crime prosecutors while favoring criminals over victims.

Under the progressive Democrats' control, virtually nothing has gone right as a result of their three-house governance, and if they haven't done enough damage over the past 22 months, 26 more months will have tragic consequences.

Ultimately and hopefully, GOP capture of the White House will be needed to straighten the country out and make it great again, and a "checks and balances" message is needed in the midterms.

The far left within the Democratic Party is winning, so America must elect GOP House and Senate majorities to restore at least some sanity.