AW mini-editorial: Biden pushes America Last agenda, according to plan


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By definition, a sovereign nation is one with a government possessing the power and the will to govern its territory.

However, under the so-called leadership of President Biden and his America Last agenda, the United States is fast losing any semblance of the nation we knew a decade ago while losing our identity as a sovereign nation.

It actually appears to have been planned by Biden and the Democrats, and it might be that it was.

The U.S. has the power to control its territory, but Biden's inept administration has lost the will to do so. Our southern border is under siege, and without an unlikely reversal to Trump's policies, it's only going to get worse.

Who voted for such incompetence in the first place? Quite simply, it's people who opted to practice negative politics. They voted against Trump, and Biden is what they and the rest of us got.