* CHECKLIST of extremist actions and policies of leftist etxtremists


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* Skyrocketing inflation
* Open borders
* Immigrants entering the country illegally and getting rights of U.S. citizens
* Opposition to inviolable voting (voter ID, valid voter rolls, ballot integrity)
* Publishing home addresses of Supreme Court justices and illegally protesting at those homes
* Illegal sanctuary policies and cities
* Calling more than 74 million voters extreme and/or deplorable
* A proxy war that could lead to nuclear Armageddon
* Abruptly leaving Afghanistan (before all U.S. citizens, allies, U.S. weapons and systems, etc., were out.).
* Defunding the police
* Ambush attacks on police officers
* Mob rule (calling violence and arson 'peaceful protests" and tacit acceptance of violence and chaos
* Organized retail theft and burglary
* Calling anti-CRT parents "domestic terrorists"
* Attacks on parental rights
* Use of taxpayer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood
* Allowing dismemberment abortions and infanticide