Classic(al) gas


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A country boy visited the city and met a girl in a bar who invited him back to her house. When they got there, she undressed and told him to get naked also.

She said: "Let's start with a 69."

The country boy replied: "What's that?"

With that, she got him into position, and they went at it.

Within a minute of starting, the city girl felt a fart coming on. She tried holding it back, but she figured the country boy was probably enjoying what she was doing to him and just let it rip.

Less than a minute later, she felt another one coming, on and since he hadn't said anything, let this one out as well.

After that, the country boy pushed her off, got up, and started getting dressed.

The city girl, embarrassed, asked, "I guess you didn't like that, huh?"

The country boy said: "No, it was fine, but I just don't think I could take 67 more of those."