Sunday, August 18, 2013 - 9:00 A. M.

Prize List - Based on 36 Entries

1st Place $1,400
2nd Place $ 920
3rd/4th Place $ 500
5th - 8th Place $ 250
TOTAL $4,320

Prize Fund $120.00
Lane Fees $ 40.00
Total Entry Per Team $160.00

Please call Steve at (504)-261-9131 or if you have any questions

Also, logon to for more details

  1. Tournament is not certified but will be governed by all standard USBC Rules in the absence of any specific rule listed below.
  2. Tournament will be scratch doubles format open to all individuals.
  3. Entries close at 8:30 A.M. on August 18, 2013 or when we reach full capacity of 36 PAID TEAMS
    - A 50% prepaid deposit will lock your team entry in. Deposits are non-refundable after 08/13/13.
  4. Teams will bowl 6 games across 6 pairs of lanes. Qualifying will be in Standard Doubles format.
  5. The top eight (8) teams after qualifying will advance to the Finals.
  6. Should there be a tie for the last spot advancing to the Finals or for any of the positions advancing to the Finals; the tie will be broken by a 9th and 10th frame style roll-off, Standard Doubles. Should teams still be tied after the Roll-Off, each team will select one bowler from their team to participate in a one ball high pin count sudden Death Roll-Off. If still tied, the other team member will throw a shot in Sudden Death and will alternate team members until a winner is determined.
  7. After Qualifying, we will be limited to one half of the house (probably the upper half).
  8. Finals will be a Bracket Format. Round 1 will match #1 seed vs #8 seed, #2 vs #7, #3 vs #6 and #4 vs #5.
  9. Matches will be two game of Bakers style Doubles with total pins over both games determining the winners of each match. Teams will move one pair to the right after the first game of each match.
  10. Round 2 will have the highest surviving seed bowling against the lowest surviving seed. The other match will have the two remaining teams. Championship Match will have the two winning teams from Round 2.
  11. A tied match during the Finals will use tie breaking systems as described in Rule 6 above.
  12. Re-Racks are limited to two per player per game.
  13. Side pots available with $5 Bracket Boards for games 1-3 and 4-6.
  14. Check in between 8:00 and 8:30 A.M. Practice will begin at 9:00 A.M PROMPTLY.
  15. Tournament Director(s) reserve the right to reject any/all entries and will decide all disputes. Also reserves the right to cancel the tournament due to lack of interest or any other unforeseen circumstances beyond his control.
  16. Payment will be accepted in advance to secure placement in the tournament. Please contact me to make arrangements to pay in advance. If there are still spots available on the day of the tournament, cash only will be accepted as payment. No exceptions!

Please call Steve at (504)-261-9131 or if you have any questions
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Here is the list of teams:

1. L.Engeron/B.Bodenheimer
2. J.Thompson/P.Dufrene
3. K.Cantu/J.Thorner
4. C.Dupre/C.Duke
5. T.Wright/D.Allen
6. W.Sculthorp/R.Callais
7. P.Miller/D.Nelson
8. R.Siegfried/Chick
9. B.Baudoin/B.Himbert
10. J.Smithey/C.Santangelo
11. H.Veitch/J.Veitch
12. S.Ahysen/B.Kister
13. VCIII/C.Anderson
14. A.Solomon/D.Riley
15. A.Alfonso/A.Parker
16. J.Conard/S.Breaud
17. E.Roddy/T.Field
18. J.Jaggers/T.Schiro
19. G.Ezell/T.Bourgeois
20. W.Kieferle/C.Maher
21. H.Naquin/S.Wagner
22. R.Beecher/N.Simoneaux
23. D.Moranges/R.Diegen
24. R.Kelts/A.Mercadel
25. G.Walters/M.Daniels
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Congrats to Greg Walters and Mike Daniels for winning the Doubles tournament today. They defeated Jerry Conard and Shaun Breaud in the Finals.

Finshing 3rd/4th was Curt Dupre/Clay Duke and Chris Anderson/Vincent Capitano III

Finishing 5th - 8th was Johnny Smithey/Chris Santangelo, Justin Veitch/Jimmy Wollaston, Leslie Engeron/Brian Bodenheimer, and Tyler Wright/Dalton Allen.

The tournament was bowled on the Route 66 Kegel Challenge pattern and it took +32 to make the cut to the Top 8.

Congratulations to all of the cashers. Full results will be posted tomorrow.
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Congrats to all who cashed. Crossed with Greg and Mike and Greg threw the ball great all day.
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Doubles Results after 6 games of Qualifying

1. Capitano/Anderson +332
2. Dupre/Duke +332
3. Conard/Breaud +195
4. Walters/Daniels +146
5. Wright/Allen +84
6. Engeron/Bodenehimer +44
7. Wollaston/Veitch +40
8. Smithey/Santangelo +32
9. Sculthorp/Callais +31
10. Juhas/Comardelle +23
11. Miller/Nelson -23
12. Field/Roddy -35
13. Thompson/Dufrene -46
14. Kieferle/Maher -101
15. Siegfried/Chick -125
16. Cook/Stafford -164
17. Gleber/Gorbach -188
18. Baudoin/Himbert -196
19. Ezell/Bourgeois -223
20. Moragas/Diegan -247
21. Naquin/Wagner -252
22. Beecher/Simoneaux -262
23. Thorner/Cantu -266
24. Alfonso/Parker -268
25. Solomon/Riley -283
26. Jaggers/Schiro -366
27. Ahysen/Kister -472
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Singles Standings after 6 games

1. Curt Dupre +243
2. Chris Anderson +242
3. Shaun Breaud +125
4. Greg Walters +101
5. Clay Duke +87
6. Jerry Conard +70
7. Chick +54
8. Eric Roddy +52
9. Mike Daniels +45
10. Brian Bodenheimer +31
11. Darren COmardelle +30
12. Jimmy Wollaston +25
13. Claude Maher +19
14. Duke Nelson +17
15. Justin Veitch +15
16. Leslie Engeron +13
17. Wally Sculthrop +9
18. Johnny Smithey -4
19. Paul Miller -40
20. Jack Thompson -51
21. Mike Cook -52
22. Gary Ezell -73
23. Ashley Solomon -76
24. Trey Field -87
25. Kenny Cantu -99
26. Joe Stafford -112
27. Will Kieferle -120
28. Jack Thorner -167
29. Ricky Siegfried -181
30. Paul Gleber -185
31. Brandon Kister -224
32. Ron Diegan -230
33. Harris Naquin -245
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Embarrassed myself but enjoyed the challenge.... 2nd tourney back from shoulder surgery... game needs more work..... especially on something other than China

Thanks Steve for giving us something to bowl
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Glad that you enjoyed the challenge Ricky. Thanks for coming out.

I already have an idea for a format for the next event!
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Great tournament. Didnt take much to make the cut but it was a very challenging condition.
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Steve, I enjoyed the challenge and the shot although very tough was NOT unplayable.
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Thanks for coming out Gary.

You are correct, I do not think the pattern was unplayable. There were still 2 guys that averaged right under 240 on them. The pattern made sure that you were accurate, and making the proper adjustments. Miss outside and you paid for it, tug the ball, or cut it short and you would probably pay for it (though you could go brooklyn).
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It was a matter of having your feet deep enough with the correct ball in your hands and of course carrying. I was happy with the way I threw it with being -73 and never shooting 200 with a low game of 181.
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I'm glad you used a sport pattern. I wish I knew you were gonna run something different. I'll try and make the next one.
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