Columbia 300 Cuda PowerCOR: Swim with the big fish!!

Maine Man

The Cuda PowerCOR is that bigger symmetric solid when you need more pop in the heavy stuff, or if you are speed dominant and want more motion. The PowerCOR has a dense inner core piece that is drillable and helps remove any drilling restrictions. The Cuda also features a dense flip block to move mass outside of the middle of the ball which results in a higher differential and more imbalance. This means more backend motion and hitting power through the pins.

I drilled mine (50) x 3.75" x 40 to help maximize flare while keeping a smoother backend motion. The cover of the Cuda is very versatile. I used it at 1500 for Thailand 39' sport shot and bowled 246 out of the gate, sanded it to 500 for a heavy volume 48 ft. custom FDDS sport pattern, and bowled well cutting down on my angles. Then, I polished it for the THS and it gave me extra length, quicker transitions, big hit through the pins, giving me four messenger strikes on my way to a three game set of 731. The proof is in the pudding, get yourself a Cuda PowerCOR and start swimming with the big fish today!