Don't shit in my yard!


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A guy was jogging one morning, his usual route through the neighborhood, and a sudden urge to shit hit him. It was one of those urges that just wasn't going to wait, so he looked around, and ducked into some bushes. After taking care of business, he went back out on his way.

The next morning, he was out jogging his usual route and he comes across a little old lady who stops him. "I know what you did yesterday morning." She said to him.

"Yeah, well", he stammered...

"I just noticed" she cut him off, smiling shyly, "you have the nicest set of balls I've ever seen on a man!"

"Uh, thanks", he stutters, feeling a little embarassed.

"You know, it'd be real nice if an old lady like me could see them one more time. I don't get to enjoy such things so much these days..."

Feeling a bit more at ease, he says "OK, sure".

With that, he drops his drawers and lets the old lady take in the view.

"Oh, my!" She exclaimed. "May I touch them?"

Feeling confident, he says, "Sure, why not? Knock yourself out."

So the old lady gently takes one testicle in her left hand, then the other in her right. Then she starts repeatedly smashing them together yelling "NOW DON'T YOU EVER SHIT IN MY YARD AGAIN!!!"