Ebonite Aero: Hook in a box!

Maine Man

I needed a heavy oil, aggressive, asymmetric that would give me shape no matter how heavy the pattern, and the Ebonite Aero does just that! I am a left handed bowler, 340 rpm, 16.5 mph, 18 AT, 55 AR, and I drilled my Aero 70 x 4" x 55 to roll earlier and heavy through the mid-lane, while having an elongated transition from skid to hook to roll. This combo helps keep the Aero in my hand longer as the lanes transition. The Aero performs exceptionally well on heavier patterns like Earl Anthony 43' and Don Carter 39', as well as one of the heavier volume house shots I bowl on. I can open up my angles and watch it move across the pattern, or leave it in the puddle and churn through the oil, with plenty of hit at the pins. The Aero core features the game changing, "Drill Anywhere" DOT technology along with the proven DynamiCore technology which gives more power at impact. You can order this heavy oil monster now from Moore's Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere. Thank you.

- James Goulding III