Ebonite GB4, building off a legendary nameplate!!

Maine Man

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Ebonite GB4 Review

I drilled the Ebonite GB4 to be the big symmetric ball in my bag when other symmetrics aren’t enough through the mids, but I still wanted more length than my asymmetrics. By laying it out 3.75” x 35, I got the “flip and grip” I was looking for with tremendous performance. The GB4 handles medium-heavy volumes very well, for instance I used it Monday night and shot 725 on a THS that has not had many big scores all season in that building. It has performed exceptionally well on sport patterns, like Holman 37’ and PBA Chameleon. This will be the first ball out of my bag when I see decent volume, and it will tell me if I need to ball up to something bigger, ball down to a smoother, weaker ball, or stick with the GB4 and annihilate the competition. The GB4 is available now from Moore’s Pro Shop and pro shops everywhere. Ebonite means performance!