Florida is humid but not ultra-hot


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Critics of Florida weather frequently claim that it's much too hot, and whereas it's no doubt more humid than much of the U.S. -- thus increasing the feel-like situation -- the actual high temperatures in the summer months are more moderate than in many other states.

For example, consider statistics for the month of September in Sarasota, dating back to the year 1900. Not once has the temperature reached triple digits, and only twice has it reached as high as the 98 recorded on Sept. 8, 1970, and Sept. 12, 1925. And only twice -- on Sept. 1, 1970, and Sept. 11, 1925 -- did the high peak at 97.

On 11 September dates, the all-time Sarasota high stands at 96, 13 dates have a peak of 95, and on two other dates, it was 94. By the way, the all-time low temperature for September is 59 -- on three occasions: the 22nd in 1981, the 25th in 1916 and the 28th in 1991.

So humid, yes, but sizzling hot, no!


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I lived in Jacksonville north 18 years. Still visit often.

The west coast where you live is more moderate than the east coast because most weather, including the wind, typically move west to east.

During a typical high pressure system in the summer on the east coast the wind will move from east to west due to the cooling effect of the Atlantic. These effects only can really be felt from the beach to about 30 miles inland.

However when a slow low pressure from the west moves in, the cooling effect of the Atlantic is negated. In most situations, the air just stays stagnant and humid. Slow cool air from the Atlantic runs into the slow air from the low pressure.

Orlando, for example, is extremely hot and humid with dew points in the 70s.

I moved to North Alabama that can see dew points in the high 60s and low 70s with temperatures in the mid 90s. We are closer to the TN line but we have friends who live a few miles north of the TN river and it's balls hot and humid, especially in the days with a southerly wind. I'd venture to say we were actually overall warmer than many spots in Florida