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I watched as Jordan kicked his little mousey ass during a Senate hearing. Incredible how this motherfucker can lie and get away with it.
This dude has not only angered the American people- he has angered the entire world. I'm not so sure he will get out of this.


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I hope one day to see Rand Paul walk across the floor and punch Dr. Fuckup in the teeth.

Did you hear today's hot mic moment when Dr. Fall Cheese said about Sen. Marshall, "What a moron. Jesus Christ...?"

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Fauci insults someone and you guys are upset about it? LOL
Insults? Fuck no. Destroying the economy, millions out of work, businesses closing for lack of employees, mentally and physically harming kids, dumbing down of americans because of lack of schooling, and lying to the Senate in order to weasel his way out of being taken to task. THAT is where the upset enters.


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Fauci insults someone and you guys are upset about it? LOL
I could care less whether he insults someone.

The issue here is he won't come clean, under oath, his and the NIH's work on the virus

The issue is he has flip flopped so many times on his opinions, and in many cases they don't line up with science, rather they line up with the MSM narrative.

The issue is that he, in emails, criticized other doctors in HIS field and won't own up to it.

In many of these hearings:

"Did you drink the Dr. Pepper"


"Here's the video of you drinking the Dr. Pepper"

"I didn't drink the Dr. Pepper".

Dr. Fouci, under oath, has flat out lied. Congressional hearings are not the same however as normal courts, so he will never be tried of contempt.

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Glad to know that lying is a horrible thing to you guys. LOL
You know we have been quite nice to you. I myself have given you the benefit of the doubt and have agreed with some of your posts. Why do you insist on trolling? There are adults in the room and you resort to being childish?
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