Golf gets extensive newspaper coverage, but bowling? Fahgettaboudit!


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The Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune is supposedly a NEWSpaper, but H-T sports editor Scott Peterson apparently feels that golf deserves extensive coverage whereas bowling deserves NOTHING.

For more than four decades, I provided complete and prompt coverage of each weekend of the Florida State Bowling Association's championship tournament, but unfortunately, despite many years as a bowling columnist, I no longer have a writing venue.

In recent years, my state bowling tournament reports -- coupled with up-to-date standings -- were often available as early as Sunday evening. But even though the FWBA tournament is now being held in the H-T's immediate coverage area (Sarasota and Bradenton), there hasn't been so much as one word printed about it in the "newspaper."

However, golf coverage is a far different situation. In today's Herald-Tribune, the STATE BOWLING tournament (at Sarasota Lanes and AMF Bradenton) apparently isn't worthy of mention, whereas the CITY GOLF tournament got an 18-inch story on the front page of the sports section, coupled with a photo.

But even though you won't be able to find state tournament bowling coverage in the H-T, you can find out that John Stam, Harry Kaplon, Roger Loret and Jack McAllister were members of a foursome that finished second in a team quota points event at Venice East Golf Club. And already this month, there has been 94 inches of local golf scores in the H-T. But as for bowling ... Fahgettaboudit!