Hammer Purple Reactive: The best got just better!!!

Maine Man

As a bowler who is a HUGE fan of the Hammer Purple Pearl Urethane, especially on sport shots, I HAD to get my hands on a solid reactive version of the best urethane ball on the market. I drilled the Purple Reactive with the same layout as my favorite Purple Pearl Urethane: (45) x 3.5" x 55. This type of layout allows me to put a lower flaring ball in my hand and maximize its flare potential, while also having a ball that isn't too sensitive to mid, or down-lane transition with the higher VAL angle. The Purple Reactive is a symmetric core gem, fitting in just slightly less aggressive than my Hammer Raw Black, but clears the fronts better than the Raw for a sweeping mid-lane motion that is super controllable. This allows me to keep my angles in front of me, which keeps the ball in play longer, play straighter when I need to, and bounce it off the gutter easier on those pesky short oil patterns, without having to cover too many boards to do it. The Purple Reactive actually compliments the Purple Pearl Urethane well on sport patterns. Viper 36 ft. oil pattern, for example, is a pattern where I start with urethane, and push oil away from the fronts and through the mid-lane with the Purple Pearl Urethane, needing to switch to something cleaner as the games go on, and the Purple Reactive is the perfect fit. It glides through the front part of the lane with ease, getting through that urethane front hook spot, and gives me a consistent read all the way through the pins shot after shot. A great 1-2 punch for your tournament arsenal, this is another special piece of equipment from the folks at Hammer. Grab one today from Bowler Builders Pro Shop or shops everywhere!