Here's what newspaper sports editors think about bowling


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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Until about a half-year ago, I wrote bowling columns and articles on a regular basis for more than 35 years, and despite advancing age, I remain ready, willing and able to continue doing so. However -- in a situation that, unfortunately reflects the current status of the sport -- there is obviously decreasing (and almost no) demand or need for bowling columnists. I'm perfectly happy in full retirement, but I do miss my long-term promotion and publicity of bowling.]

For more than 30 years, I was a regular bowling columnist for the Sarasota (Fla.) Herald-Tribune, and I also had columns and articles that appeared in numerous other bowling publications. Even after I retired from full-time newspaper work in 2007, I continued to write H-T bowling columns until 2011, when sports editor Scott Peterson determined he no longer wanted my services.

Then, for more then five years, I wrote regular bowling articles -- 696 full-length columns in 61 months -- for, until that entity totally shut down operations, with no advance warning, last summer. After the demise of, I contacted every newspaper within a 75-mile radius to see if there was any interest in having me write bowling columns, either as a regular columnist or a correspondent, and the following responses (from sports editors) sadly reflect the low priority bowling now has in the newspaper world. Here's a summary of the replies I received ...

* Unfortunately, with the across-the-board cutback in resources over the last six years, we no longer have the people or the space to devote to local bowling coverage. Much like many participatory sports (local tennis, etc.) there just isn't the same level of interest as there is in our major pro and college sports. Assuming our financial constraints don't change drastically, I don't see any changes in the near future. Thanks.

* Thanks for your patience. I finally got to talk to my managing editor today about you possibly joining our correspondent team. While we would both be excited to have you and a regular bowling column again, we don’t have the finances to compensate you at this time.

* We do not cover bowling or have a bowling writer. Our Sports section focuses primarily on professional, college and high school sports. We do not include local recreational sports, such as bowling and golf leagues, though we would consider writing about a unique individual or accomplishment if the story had broad appeal.

* The bottom line is we can't make the finances work at this time. I wanted to see how much money we spent during the fall covering football, which would give me a full year of expense data on which to draw upon before making any decisions. Now, that full set of data is in hand. It became apparent a month or so ago that we could not add a new recurring weekly or bi-weekly element. Unfortunately, I have now exhausted the possibilities I was exploring. And in light of (what we now know will be) another cut in the freelance budget next year, I don't think it is fair to string this out. I wish you the best. And, if on the off chance something should change, I will reach out.

* The (newspaper) covers a large market and has an engaged, educated readership with many interests. Invariably we're not going to meet everyone's passions, but no other news and information company offers a better day-to-day assessment of key interests. [In answer to the question: Why does your newspaper no longer offer bowling coverage in your sports pages?]

* Bill, I think we'll pass for now. We think our needs for writing help are greater in other areas.


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Bill, I think you should post your articles online. It's a shame to see your hard work going to waste. Let me know if you want me to help you with setting up a free blog and uploading your articles.