Hilarious! Kamala Harris blames border crisis on 'climate change'


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Chosen by President Biden to oversee immigration policy, Vice President Kamala Harris has been assessing the situation at the border.

The "root cause" of the migrant surge, which even some Democrats have admitted is a "crisis," is not the administration's policies, she contends. It's "climate change."



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I wouldn't even necessarily blame the current administration either (not for the root cause, anyway). If our neighboring countries to the south weren't such corrupt shitholes, these people would gladly stay put!

Honestly, I don't blame most of the people trying to come here. They go through a lot of shit to get here. If they were just lazy moochers, I doubt they'd bother with paying cartels big money to steal their babies and use them as border patrol diversions - that often wind up killing said babies. I can't imagine how bad it must be to make paying that sort of cost worth it to get out.