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You can keep wishing, but fact is, the Republicans don't have the balls to make anything of this. They never force ANY Democrat to be held reaponsible. I don't know if they're too dumb, lazy, or what. But Hillary has done much worse with 0 repercussions. My prediction; Hunter gets away scott free, and Biden will be #46. Harris immediately follows as #47.

Trump would have a 2nd term easily if he'd calmed his shit and taken the crazy down to level 2 instead of 10. He could still have been a hard ass in negotiations, just act fucking normal and stop with the drama and twitter bullshit. America had 27 years of Jerry Springer... that schtick is tired.

You want a winning slogan? Here's one;



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The problem is simple. Dems own the culture. So even if republicans try and go after the Dems, it doesn't look good to the moderates.

It's also the problem of the deep state being mostly Dems. Just look at the FBI. It doesn't matter who is president