Mini-editorial: Biden is hardly a unifier


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Many on the left attempt to portray Joe Biden as a healer, a unifier and a very decent person, but if you were to ask Tara Reade or the woman he called "a lying, dog-faced pony soldier" at a campaign stop, you'd get a far different picture. You might also research his treatment of Clarence Thomas at his confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court.

President Trump has been referred to as "not nice" in many unflattering ways, but like your choice of a physician, attorney or accountant, you elect a president not because you want to become buddies, but because of his expertise.

Trump is a doer with boundless energy and an “America first” mantra. He is blunt, but there is no subterfuge. You always know where you stand with him, and so do our geopolitical rivals.

If Republicans retain Senate control, the amount of damage Biden can do will be curtailed, but if he's eventually certified as president eventually, we can only hope that he remains alive until 2024. His backup is significantly worse.

Greg T.

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Unifier?? The bumbling fucking idiot can't put two sentences together. How's he gonna unite the population?

Greg T.

The Jizz Slinger
Dear Greg T:

Bottom line: He can't. And I shudder to think how foreign leaders will be able to walk all over him!
He's already at a disadvantage. He is indebted to China, Russia, Ukraine, and more. He would be their puppet..... IF he were elected.