Mini-editorial: Inaccurate polls deserve little attention


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How come the fake-news lamestream media and talking heads are so excited about polls that indicate Joe Biden is far ahead?

These so-called "experts" apparently feel that Biden has such a big lead that he should be able to succeed despite holding any "real" press meetings and refusing to answer significant questions regarding his policies.

Apparently they have forgotten what happened in 2016. Four years ago, there wasn't one major network, newspaper or talking head that predicted Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton. So what have these great “poll prognosticators” done to improve their accuracy and reliability? Not a thing!

Does anyone notice that when polls are discussed, there's never any mention of the makeup of Democrats, Republicans and independents being polled? Usually, such polls over-sample Democrats and under-sample Republicans.

Many Trump supporters won’t answer their phones or admit they support Trump, because of being harassed and belittled by Democratic radicals. However, the enthusiasm and crowds are visible for Trump, but not Biden.

Trump will almost certainly win, and once again, it won't be a shock, except to those who ignore the obvious, just as they did in 2016.