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There's an easy fix for the Glock trigger. All you need to do is pull the connector and polish the two friction areas and reinstall. The length is good at about 1/2" as opposed to the SCCY CPX-2 i had, which was nearly 3/4"! My G19, now that I changed to an aftermarket connector and high load firing pin spring is about 3.5#, a bit shorter and the slushy bump you mention is gone. I'm looking to do the same with the G42 but nothing is on the market yet.
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Glocks have a different trigger pull than most others. You can easily feel the different stages the mechanism goes thru, including the reset stage. That's very good for combat and SD use (Glock's primary purpose) where speed is required.
I like the Glocks, been using them for 20 years. But it does take a bit of getting used to the trigger action if you're used to shooting other handguns.
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I've always thought the XD/XDm and other springfield variants were better glock version of glock. I think S&W tried to come out with something similar but those were terrible. Generally, Glocks/XDs are too narrow for my big paws.
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