'Parity' is the early-season byword in the American League


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I'm well aware it's early -- very early -- in the Major League Baseball season, but ...

For now, at least, the American League is demonstrating what "parity" really means. For example ...

* The Tampa Bay Rays, who won the 2020 AL pennant, share the league's worst record at 5-8.

* In the Central and West divisions, the LAST-PLACE teams are 6-7.
* The Boston Red Sox, last in the East division last year, have the league's top mark at 9-4.
* The East's 2020 runner-up New York Yankees are struggling at 5-7.
* The Kansas City Royals lead the Central with 7-4 after finishing fourth in the division in 2020.

* The Seattle Mariners lead the West at 8-5 after a mediocre 27-33 in the shortened 2020 season.

... and again, I know it's still early and things can change in a hurry!