Radical Bonus Pearl Review

Maine Man

Radical Bonus Pearl Review

I drilled the Radical Bonus Pearl to be a stronger, quicker symmetric ball than the original Bonus Solid. Where the Bonus Solid is super smooth and continuous, the Bonus Pearl is like the solid on steroids! I laid out the Bonus Pearl 3.5” x 30* to give me what I call “flare & flip” to get the ball to chew through the oil and motor hard on the back part of the lane. The Bonus Pearl is exceptional when you have medium length sport and THS patterns, and if you have clean back-ends…look out; this ball will hook sharp and strong, continuing through the pins as well as any symmetric you’ve ever seen! If you are looking for the perfect 1-2 punch out of your symmetric balls, look no further than the Bonus Solid & Bonus Pearl from Radical. Get to your local pro shop, order both Bonuses today, and join the Radical Revolution!

Check out the one minute video review of the Bonus Pearl on my YouTube channel: