Radical Incognito Pearl Review

Maine Man

Radical Incognito Pearl Review:

I drilled the Radical Incognito Pearl to be a stronger compliment to the original Incognito Solid. This ball delivers! I laid it out 20* x 4.5” x 30* to give me mid-lane read and tremendous pop off the back of the oil pattern. The Incognito Pearl is exceptional on a sport pattern like Holman 37’, where I tend to use it the most every week, or a THS where you have a decent length and volume of oil and crisp back-ends. When the pattern gets sloppy, you can switch right to the Incognito Solid to smooth out the pattern and let you keep scoring higher, longer! This is the perfect 1-2 punch for any serious league or tournament bowler out there! Get to your local pro shop, pre-order the Incognito Pearl (available 3-18-21), and join the Radical Revolution today!

Here is a side by side of the Incognito Solid and Pearl from my YouTube channel:

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