Radical Incognito: THE benchmark asymmetric!!

Maine Man

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Radical Incognito
30 x 4.75” x 30

I drilled the Radical Incognito to be my benchmark asymmetric ball, and it did not disappoint! It has arguably the cleanest solid cover I have ever thrown in an asymmetric ball, and finishes strong and clean through the pins. I have used it on two different patterns, Holman 37’ sport shot, and 41’ THS, and in both cases it has performed exceptionally well. The Incognito handles medium-heavy volumes of oil very well, the only area where you would want to put it away is lighter oil patterns, or spotty house shots, where you may want something with a lower differential, like a Bonus Solid, for instance. Otherwise, the Incognito will fill the spot in your bag when you need a bigger, reliable ball that will hook when you need it, but give you the length you expect every single shot. This ball works perfectly in tandem with the Results+, a big asymmetric pearl, to give you the best 1-2 punch on the market. Call your local pro shop to order your Incognito today and join the Radical Revolution!

James Goulding III
Radical Staff