Radical Innovator Solid Written Review (with video link)

Maine Man

The newest release in the Mo Heritage Series is the Innovator Solid. The Radical Innovator Solid uses the very aggressive MOtion Magic Plus Solid cover to create a stronger and earlier motion. I drilled this one 60 x 6” x 30 to mimic a short pin layout motion, but for a higher tilt player such as myself (21-22 degrees tilt). I was very excited to try this drilling, and it has not disappointed thus far. The Innovator Solid does pick up much quicker than the original Innovator, but the super smooth and continuous motion is perfect for heavier volumes or lower entry angles. I am able to play the lanes more in front of me, front to back, and not worry about leaving a bunch of corner pins, which happens when I use short pin layouts. This 6” pin layout works very well, I have used the Innovator Solid on a 39 ft. THS, where I can play deep and still find good pin carry. The Innovator Solid really shined on a 41 ft. Polish Cup sport pattern, where I could play further out, mimicking where I would play urethane, but with much better roll through the pins. Check out my two-shot video of the Innovator Solid here:


If you are looking for that big, mid-lane sweeping motion, grab yourself a Radical Innovator Solid! This ball will be in my nationals’ bag, and it should be in yours too! Available 3-23-2023, but you can pre-order now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops and join the Radical Revolution today!