Radical Katana Hybrid Review!

Maine Man

The Radical Katana Strike fills the hybrid asymmetric void in my bag, fitting in perfectly between the Katana Assault and the Innovator Solid. I drilled the Katana Strike 40 x 4.25" x 70 to give me a longer transition from skid to hook to roll, and a strong pin to make sure it flares good in heavier volumes. The Katana Strike is super versatile, as you can see form the video link I provided with this review. You can slow hook it, or pipe it straighter, it still has good pin action, even with lower entry angles.

I have used the Katana Strike on sport patterns such as Chichen Itza 40, Beefy Burrito 36', and Mark Roth 39', having good success on all three. On a 42' THS, it is a killer, giving me plenty of miss room with outstanding pin action. You can see from the video comparison to the Katana Assault that the Katana Strike is about 3-4 boards stronger, and 2-3 feet sooner to start its move on the lane. Make sure you get to Bowler Builders Pro Shop, or your local pro shop to pick up the Katana Strike and join the Radical Revolution today!

Here is the YouTube video comparing the Katana Strike and Katana Assault: