Radical Outer Limits Pearl Review!

Maine Man

I drilled the Radical Outer Limits Pearl 50 x 4.25” x 25 to be that quick off the spot, strong asym pearl that I can use when I need more angle to the pocket, and it delivers big time! The Outer Limits Pearl is a pearl version of the original released last season. I find the Outer Limits Pearl is about 2-3 feet longer than the original, and a much more pronounced, quick move to the pocket, with similar overall hook. When the lanes are tighter, I like the original, but when they open up and you need more entry angle, the Outer Limits Pearl is my go-to ball. The Outer Limits core combined with the HK22 pearl cover make this a strong rolling asym, but not early or jumpy. It gives me both hit and control, and I have had great success on Alcatraz 38’, THS 41’, and Red Square 40’. Get your hands on the Outer Limits Pearl now from Bowler Builders Pro Shop or pro shops everywhere and join the Radical Revolution today!