Radical Outer Limits Written Review (with video link)

Maine Man

Radical Outer Limits Written Review

I am a left handed bowler, 17 mph, 350 rpm, 21 AT, 55 AR and decided to drill the Outer Limits with a 55 x 5 x 40 dual angle layout. I wanted this hybrid asymmetric reactive to be a good compliment to my Hammer Envy Tour, and it is very impressive. The Outer Limits features a new core design and HK22 technology with DynamiCore for more hitting power and longevity, as well as absurd shelf appeal. I have used it on a 39 ft. THS, and this ball is clean and smooth, giving me closer to a symmetric roll but with the continuation of an asymmetric ball. Overall, the Outer Limits is about 1-2 boards stronger than my Envy Tour. I also have used the Outer Limits on a 41 ft. Polish Cup sport pattern and it really performed well, even with the lower 20 mLs of oil volume. I was able to stay further left longer, keeping my ball reaction in front of me, playing more front to back, which is a key to success on sport patterns. Check out my two shot quick hitter here:

If you are looking for a hybrid asymmetric ball that is both forgiving and controllable, look no further than the Radical Outer Limits. Available 3-23-2023, you can pre-order now from Bowler Builders Pro Shops and join the Radical Revolution today!!