Radical Results+: Get more from your pearls!!

Maine Man

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Radical Results+

30 x 4” x 30

I drilled the Radical Results+ to be my benchmark pearl asymmetric, the compliment to the benchmark asymmetric Incognito, and it fits that bill perfectly. The TP-1 textured pearl coverstock really grips the oil pattern well, moving the break point further inside, allowing me to control the shot extremely well. I have used the Results+ on both a typical house shot (THS) and the Holman 37’ sport shot. On the THS, the Results+ chews through the oil and retains enough hitting power to come off the spot hard and smooth every time. On the sport pattern, the Results+ really shines, as it creates a strong, but predictable ball motion that allows me to stay with it the entire block. The Results+ compliments the Incognito very well, giving you a 1-2 asymmetric punch to rival anything in anyone’s arsenal. The only area where the Results+ struggled was lighter volume and short oil patterns where you would need something higher rg and lower differential, like a Bonus Solid or Counter Attack. Get to your local pro shop and order the Results+ today, you will be glad you did! Join the Radical Revolution NOW!

James Goulding III

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