Radical Sneak Attack Solid review (with video)

Maine Man

The Radical Sneak Attack Solid builds on the momentum from the Sneak Attack Hybrid by offering bowlers a benchmark ball motion for their bag. The Sneak Attack Solid features a solid MTS-1 cover and symmetric weight block, with numbers of 2.544 RG and 0.036 Diff. The Sneak Attack Solid is the perfect “first ball” out of your bag on most conditions, it will give you a true read of the oil pattern, and let you know if you need to use more ball, less ball, or ride with the Sneak Attack Solid for whatever you are facing on the lanes. I find it is best suited for most medium oil lane conditions, both house and sport patterns. I drilled mine 6” x 30 to mimic a “short pin” layout for higher tilt bowlers, such as myself. The Sneak Attack Solid is super smooth, controllable, and gets the corner pins out exceptionally well, which gives me more versatility on where I want to play on the lane. Overall, it is a similar amount of total hook as the Sneak Attack Hybrid, starts hooking a couple of feet earlier, but much less sensitive down-lane. If you are looking for that smooth rolling solid, this is the ball for you! The Sneak Attack Solid is available NOW from Bowler Builders Pro Shop, so come join the Radical Revolution today!

Check out my video of the Sneak Attack Solid here: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/XtgXJteIB-g