Ready or not?


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A couple was doing a little spring cleaning around their house when they found a ticket for a pair of shoes they’d dropped off to be repaired around 20 years ago.

The husband said “Wow, I’d forgotten all about these. You don’t suppose they’d actually still be there at the shoe repair shop, do you?”

The wife said “It’s pretty unlikely, but the next time you’re in town, why don’t you stop by and check just out of curiosity.”

The husband put the ticket in his pocket and says “Hmm, maybe I will.”

A few days later, the husband was in town so he stopped by the shoe repair shop to inquire about the ticket.

He pulled the ticket out of his pocket and showed it to the owner and he said “My wife and I found this ticket the other day. I know it’s over 20 years old and we really don’t expect the shoes to still be here, but would mind checking anyway just for the heck of it?”

The owner takes the ticket and says “20 years huh? Alright gimme a second and I’ll check out back.”

The owner returns a few minutes later and says “Well I’ll be darned, they are still here.”

And the ticket owner says “Wow, after 20 years they’re still here huh?”

And the owner says “Yup, they’ll be ready Friday.”