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Helen's husband Sam had a disgusting habit of waking up every morning and ripping out the loudest, nastiest, stinkiest fart one could ever imagine. Helen tried to warn Sam that one day he might fart his guts out, but her words had no affect of curtailing his habit.

Then, one thanksgiving while preparing the turkey Helen thought up a perfect plan to get Sam to stop his disgusting habit! She took the turkey giblets and quietly snuck upstairs where Sam was still sleeping. She crept in, and gently placed the giblets in the back of his underwear, then silently went back to the kitchen to wait.

Sure enough, when Sam woke up he ripped out the fart of all farts, a fart so epic even HE was proud! Until he rolled over and felt something odd in the back of his pants.

Downstairs, Helen heard Sam's terrified shrieks and washed her hands before going up to see how her plan had worked.

When she got to the top of the stairs, Sam was just coming out of the bathroom. He was white as a ghost, trembling, and holding up 3 fingers.

"Sam, honey, are you alright?"

"My God, Helen, you were right. I woke up and farted my guts right out! By the grace of God and these 3 fingers, I got 'em all back in!"