Should Ricky Nelson's big hit "Travelin' Man" be banned?


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In this day and age, how can the lyrics of "Travelin' Man" -- a chart-topping 1961 song by Ricky Nelson -- be allowed to stand?

According to the song, Ricky has girls all over the world: a Mexican señorita, an Alaskan Eskimo, a German fraulein, a Polynesian baby, and a China doll.

But flagrantly, there is no mention of a Black girl or visits to Africa on his worldwide travels. How can that be permissible?

Greg T.

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... or BOTH?

Difficult decision. The originator may have just been telling a piece of fiction. Not really PC, but not really an actual act of racism, either... The messenger may not have understood the lyric and doesn't even know what he did.